About Us

FTR Makina Kimya Metalurji A.Ž. – Istanbul Turkey has activities and entrepreneurs in different fields including but not limited to engineering, design, fabrication as well as distribution of specialized products to domestic and worldwide markets.
One of the highly proficient subjects FTR deals is the gas cooling systems in cement, iron and steel, chemical, fertilizer, mining, incineration and power industries in which the sprayed liquid/water must be 100% evaporated without any wet bottom in places where gas conditioning is the part of the downstream process. The solutions for such applications require sophisticated engineering calculations as well as on-site experience to adopt the designed cooling system in to the process flow.
FTR has formed COOLING CONTROL® brand in 2005 to serve to the worldwide markets offering from engineering heat balance calculations, system manufacturing to installation, start-up and aftersales services.
COOLING CONTROL® engineers and technical experts are present for endusers’ problems through on-site visits, calls, online meetings analysing problems and expectations in order to find most suited energy and production efficient remedies.
COOLING CONTROL® highly skilled engineering force, modern and certified production facilities ensure the highest product quality. Some of the obatined certifications our production facility are EN 1090-2 EXC-3, EN 3834-2, EN 13084-7, ISO 9001, ISO 18001,  ISO 45001.
COOLING CONTROL®  process is mainly based on 3 steps while the cost and energy efficient, almost maintenance free and enviromentally friendly systems are designed. The close relation with the endusers enables COOLING CONTROL® experts to identify the actual needs of the downstream process from the point of gas conditioning so that the improvement of the present installations or new system requirements are implemented successfully.
This is what COOLING CONTROL® calls ‘’Customer Oriented Solutions’’ rather than ‘’Just Solutions’’...
identifying and understanding the needs 
analysing, modelling and engineering calculations
proposing solution(s)
final design and system manufacturing
system delivery, on-site installation, adopting the control units
cold and hot tests, training
handing the system 
establishing maintenance programs
24/7 hotline helpdesk service
spare part logistics management