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Cooling Control
Global Presence

One of the latest projects Cooling Control® performs is two contracts at the same for complete retrofitting of gas cooling systems at the customer's 2 Gas Cooling Towers.
The project consist of engineering heat balance calculations, manufacturing, installation, plc integration, hot and cold testings and trainings.
Scheduled installation will be held on may 2010, and the systems will be handed over at the end of the month.
The gas flows at RM & CM off conditions are;
GCT 1 has 422.000 Am³/hr @ 340°C, the gas will be cooled down to 125°C,
GCT 2 has 210.000 Am³/hr @ 350°C, the gas will be cooled down to 130°C,
The gas cooling system is Cooling Control's HYBRID SYSTEM which consist of return-flow lances as well as nonreturn-flow lances working at the same time without the need of compressed air.
The customer decision  to choose Cooling Control® is due the fact that the proposed solution was far ahead than other suppliers in terms of technological advances.

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